Some baseball players try to look serious and dignified in their photos, to convey the importance of the moment. Others might smile, or try to look menacing to intimidate the competition.

And some just have too much fun with it.

RIVERA: Grading every MLB team's offseason

Here's a roundup of this year's strangest photos from MLB spring training.

Baseball, fruit of life

Athletics pitcher Liam Hendriks bites into a delicious baseball like it's an apple.

When they said the baseballs were juiced last year, I didn't think it was that literal.

Are they informants?

Dodgers' relievers Kenley Jansen and Joe Kelly, outfielder Cody Bellinger, and third baseman Justin Turner all went for the "documentary interview but keeping their face hidden to protect their identity" look.

Cubs' top prospect Miguel Amaya took it too far. That could be anyone in that photo!

They've got that glow

The Dodgers definitely had the monopoly on odd photos this year. Pitchers Clayton Kershaw and David Price appeared to be holding a glowing baseball in their gloves. Probably easier to see at night games?

It also looks like they're holding that glowing orb that Donald Trump held back in 2017.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Turner were the belles of the ball.

Old school

The Brewers busted out the jean jackets and bad school portrait backgrounds for some '80s throwback pics. Gnarly, dudes.

Blink once for help

Astros minor league pitcher Jared Hughes actually polled Twitter for what his look should be, and gave us what is supposed to be "angry" but really just looks like he's trying to warn you with his eyes that the KILLER IS INSIDE THE HOUSE! HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!

Hughes is a perennial weird spring training photo contender, as evidenced here:

They grow up so fast

The Giants had their first day of kindergarten!*

*spring training

'What's happening? Where am I?'

Rockies' closer Wade Davis looks ... very confused.

"What's this in my hand? A baseball?" 

Or maybe he's giving us his best Clint Eastwood.

If you build it ...

The Yankees brought in, um, a cornfield for photo day. You know, because New York has so many cornfields.

Are the "Baby Bombers" are being renamed "The Children of the Corn?" He Who Walks Between the Throws?

It's probably a tie-in to the game they'll play at the Field of Dreams later this season, but, hey, we can still guess. 

Back in the saddle

Padres pitcher Chris Paddack is taking his horse to the old town road. Howdy, partner.

Makes sense that a guy named Paddack would have the horses in the back.

Relatable, true love

Finally, we have Royals catcher Salvador Perez just giving his bat a big ol' smooch

We're glad baseball is back too, Salvy.