• Climate change is leading to warmer winters, which threatens winter tourism around the world.
  • Local economies in towns with ski resorts depend on snowy ski seasons.
  • Photos from France, Chile, Japan, and Norway clearly reveal the threat climate change poses to winter tourism.
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  • This has been the mildest winter in over a century at Le Mourtis, a small ski resort in the French Pyrenees.

    "There's no snow," French tourist Frederic Foltran told Reuters

    Like many other ski resorts around the world, Le Mourtis is scrambling to figure out how to keep customers coming as climate change causes increasingly unpredictable weather, unseasonable warmth, depressed snowfall, and more extreme storms.

    For now, the resort is relying on fake snow from snow guns. Another French ski resort, Luchon-Superbagnères, reportedly helicoptered in fresh snow, prompting criticism from environmentalists over the fossil-fuel consumption of helicopters.

    Local economies in many mountain towns rely on winter tourism for revenue and employment. But a lack of snow during has led to hours cuts for staff at Le Mourtis and forced ski resorts in Minamiuonuma, Japan, to shut down entirely. 

    The following photographs of ski resorts around the world show them barren of snow and, consequently, of people as the ski season shrinks.