Westfield United Girls Basketball pitted Team 41 Red against Team 43 Black at the Westfield Boys and Girls Club on Tuesday night.

Lily-Anne Clark, Caprina French, Olivia Whittaker, Katelyn Connor, Nyah Sarabaez, Izzy Nawskon, Lauren Connor, Allessandra St. Germain, Makenna Martelli, and Reyse Burke were among the players bringing heat to the court.

The game was organized by the Westfield Parks and Recreation Department.

The primary objective of the youth basketball program is participant enjoyment as the fundamentals to play the game are learned. It seeks to insure a positive approach toward physical, psychological and social development: physically through learning skills, psychologically through developing feelings of self-worth, and socially through the principals of sportsmanship.

Its slogan: "The outcome of a young athlete or adult is more important than the outcome of the game!"