• Johnny Depp's old photos resurface after Amber Heard body-shamed him
  • Johnny Depp looked great in his old photos
  • Amber Heard's friend sides with her ex-husband
  • Johnny Depp's old photos in which he appears to be looking younger resurface after Amber Heard body-shamed her ex-husband.

    Heard and Depp's legal battle about domestic violence are making headlines again after the "Aquaman" actress' audio recording confessing that she hit her ex-husband leaked. A copy of Tara Robert's deposition claiming Heard body-shamed the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor by calling him "fat" was shared on Twitter. She also said that Depp was "washed up" and his career was over because no one would hire him again.

    Twitter users reacted to the issue by sharing photos of Depp looking good over the years. There is no doubt that the "Edward Scissorhands" star has maintained his looks and appeal, according to them.

    "I don't know who needs to hear this, but no one has this range... Johnny Depp is the [animal emoi] and that's them facts," @TortugaHoe wrote.

    "You don't need the Oscar, you are the Oscar #JohnnyDepp," @keyfimbiliraga wrote.

    "Johnny Depp's range," @MyGrindelwald commented.

    "Johnny Depp e Helena Bonham Carter appreciation tweet," @deppbrazilfc wrote.

    "Stay humble or be humbled #JohnnyDepp," @deppsvideos added.

    "Right now I only stan one man and that is this beautiful and humble  human being, #JohnnyDepp , " @IBelieveJohhny wrote.

    An old photo of Depp with Leonard DiCaprio and Brad Pitt has also resurfaced. Some opined that among the three, Depp looked the best.

    "Johnny depp always & forever," @Khan_azwaSrkian added.

    Several Twitter users have defended Depp from Heard's body-shaming attack. According to them, he still looks great for his age.

    "After all these years, Johnny Depp looks great for his age. All the stress she put him through is probably what made him pack on a few, but he still looks amazing," @SavonaAna wrote on Twitter.

    In related news, Heard's friend sided with Depp and defended him from her domestic abuse allegations. According to Laura Divenere, she interacted with Heard following the abuse allegations and didn't observe any physical abuse or injury. There were no redness, swelling, cuts or damage of any kind.

    "I never saw Amber injured in any way, although I am now aware that she has had many different abuse claims," Divenere wrote in a court document.

    Amber Heard, Johnny Depp "London Fields," the movie that supposedly ended Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's marriage, is set to be released before the end of the year. Photo: Getty Images/Ian Gavan