Scotch and Pumpkin PIe <3My Good friend @sheilkuroi designed Pumpkin :DDD

Scotch is a country boy at heart but runs a club in the city right now! He is Bourbon's older brother! :DWhen they were young they were playing too rough and Scotch ended up running into a barbed wire fence with his right side, he cannot see out of his right eye.He's a sociable guy with bit of a bite to him, misses the starry skies of his childhood every now and then and frequently hides his country accent at work.

Pumpkin lives on a farm with his family, he goes into the city to work at Scotch's club as a server during the winter months when the farm isn't making much money! P:He lost his leg in a farming accident, but generally gets around pretty well with his prosthetic ^^He's very hard working and straight forward, not the type to mince his words, but generally a guy who you can easily get along with!