HEY HEY!!! OWOTonight The second Dub of my Sweet Beginnings series will premier!!! It'll be at 6 PM EST! <3

I'M SO SO SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!  SAKDJA;DSAThanks again to the wonderful Matti Bee Studios for working with me on this!!!Go check out their Channel on youtube!!! There's also the first dub of Merlot and Dark Chocolate there if you want to go give it a watch! ^W^

Chardonnay is voiced by Gabriel_ArtworkVanilla Bean is voiced by TomSkyHendricks

Stephen Lester as MerlotSam "Raethr" Nguyen as Dark ChocolatePorokiin as Cherry JubileeDirected by Matt "Bee" KempenAudio edited by Matt "Bee" KempenVideo edited by Tom Sky Hendriks Panels edited by Indigo-Moon MooreBeginning & End cards by Dom Dinh