"Bet you can't go the whole day without kissing me," Chocolate muttered, fingers walking their way along the waistline of Merlot's trousers and hooking into a belt loop.

Merlot's hands settled on the cut of Chocolate's vest, inching toward the golden bow tie at the base of his collar. He tugged on it playfully. "Bet you can't go an hour," he replied in challenge, tip of his nose nudging his partner's. He let his breath roll across Chocolate's dark lips, velvet of the wine on it purposefully intoxicating.

"As if the world could go an hour without wanting to taste you," Chocolate replied, lips parting to seek out the slightest drop of his beloved's proximity. They hovered, teasing, trembling as they tried not to let the game end as quickly as usual.

"Except that you're my world."


Smirk on his wine-stained lips, Merlot dragged the tip of his shoe across the polished floor and let it snag with emphasized drama. He *stumbled,* falling fully onto Chocolate. Pressed chest to chest, neither bothered moving. "Oh, seems like my legs have given out. I feel faint, maybe I could use some… mouth to mouth, get some sugar in my system." Under the frames of his glasses, Merlot batted his lashes.

"That doesn't make any sense, I don't contain a lot of sugar," Chocolate scowled, glaring down at the pronounced pout of Merlot's bottom lip. "But if that's how badly you're trying, I bet you want to kiss me so hard."

Merlot rolled his eyes, fingers tightening in the fabric of Chocolate's clothing. "No, you want to kiss me! Look at these beautiful, soft, kissable lips. Don't you want them, Cocoa Bean?" He licked his lips, drawing the lower one in by a gentle pull of his own teeth.

Chocolate stared, a low wanting growl vibrating from inside his chest. "Y-yeah– no! You're the one that wants me, look!" With one sauve motion, he pulled off his glasses and swept back his bangs, casting the sultriest of his looks down at Merlot. All followed by a head tilt which exposed the strong line of his jaw and a wink that had Merlot shivering, a whine caught in his throat.

They jumped one another. Hands plunged into hair and down belts as their teeth clashed in the moment before their tongues intervone, moans reverberating throughout the room.

They tripped over themselves as they stumbled toward the bar, already pulling layers off one another before they had to stop– as, being blind without his glasses, Chocolate fell over a bar stool.