Paintable Wallpaper is an excellent solution to many common design problems. Paintable wallpaper is a thick wall covering with a raised pattern that can be covered with ordinary flat or gloss paint, and like regular wall coverings, it can be used on one wall, throughout an entire room or hallway, or on ceilings. Paintable wallpaper works well in small spaces like bathrooms, mudrooms or foyers, and it can add subtle texture and pattern without overwhelming the eye or making the space seem cramped. Paintable wallpaper also lets you choose the precise color you want rather than hoping you find wall coverings in the shade you need, which allows for total design freedom.

If you've got holes in your walls from hanging pictures or there are cracks and imperfections that you want to cover, paintable wallpaper is a good option for you, because the thickness of the paper helps to cover discolorations and defects while adding elegant tactility. The following are some tips on how to get the most out of your paintable wallpaper:

1. Hang paintable wallpaper as you would any other wallpaper. 2. Allow newly hung paintable wall coverings to rest for at least 36 hours after hanging. Not doing so may cause unsightly bubbles when you paint. 3. You don't have to paint it if you don't want to. A white, textured wall may look perfect without paint. 4. If you decide to paint, know that there is no special paint made specifically for paintable wallpapers, and be wary of anyone who suggests that you need specialized paint. 5. Primer is not needed, and may fill in ridges to lessen the dramatic textures of many paintable wallpapers. 6. Paintable wallpaper can be touched up or repainted as needed; there is no need to tear it down if you want to change the color. 7. Avoid scrubbing paintable wallpapers unless you use a paint that allows for it. 8. Remember to have fun!