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Adele has reportedly lost over 100 pounds since she dedicated herself to shedding weight to be healthier for her son, Angelo. Recent photos of her wearing workout gear were shared by the Daily Mail, and the show how dramatic her transformation has been.


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Fans in the comments of the post had opinions on the weight loss.

"Some people are not born to be thin, some people suit weight and I personally think Adel looks better her old self, she does not look well at all in this!" one person said.

That was met with mixed reaction with one person replying, "so you're saying 'some people' are born fat and should stay fat all their life because they look cute? What about your health??? I'm sure she's a happier person inside and out. Working out only makes you a better version of yourself."

"She's so gorgeous either way," another person rightfully added.

"Leave her alone. If she's overweight people talk if she loses weight they talk. She looks great! Kudos to her," someone else wrote.

"Definitely my inspiration to start prioritizing my health and fitness goals," a fan admitted.

Us Weekly recently shared a story from a fan who ran into her while on vacation and didn't even recognize that she was Adele.

"When she introduced herself and began asking us about ourselves and our vacation in Anguilla, I apologized for not recognizing her right away and she said, 'Don't worry, I've lost around 100 pounds.'" the fan told Us Weekly. "We told her how great she looks. She seemed very happy and relaxed, totally enjoying her vacation! We didn't talk about how she lost it."

The fan added that Adele "looked comfortable in her own skin" and that she was "so down-to-earth and outgoing.

"The most unexpected part was Adele walking over and sitting down with us, and then asking Harry to come over. Both Adele and Harry were so genuine and it's nice to get a glimpse of who they really are," she added.

Her former pilates instructor, Camila Goodis, thinks the weight loss is due mostly to a healthier diet.

"I think she did change her lifestyle, like eating better, exercising moderately. The path to lose weight is not really a lot of exercise. It's actually your mouth. And I tell all my clients, 'You can exercise 10 hours a day, if your diet is poor, you're not going to see success.' That's the real truth," she said.